History of India and Pakistan Mian Azmat Farooq JWT

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Buy History of India and Pakistan Mian Azmat Farooq JWT Book online as Cash on Delivery all Over Pakistan. This is the latest and updated edition for CSS Optional Subject History of India and Pakistan, and published by Jahangir’s WorldTimes and its author Mian Azmat Farooq has tried to provide maximum and up to date information for the subject to help students in their competitive examination. Get Latest Edition on your home address as Cash on Delivery, order now online or Call/WhatsApp us on 03336042057 – 0726540141

Title: History of India & Pakistan
Author: By Mian Azmat Farooq (FSP)
Publisher: Jahangir WorldTimes
Pages: 456
Edition: Revised & Updated
Subject: CSS/PMS History of India & Pakistan

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History of India and Pakistan Mian Azmat Farooq JWT. As you all are aware, the FPSC has revised the CSS syllabus for the year 2016 and onwards. As was expected, the revision is quite comprehensive and it has greatly changed the chemistry of the optional subjects, i.e. some subjects of 200 marks have been reduced to 100 only and vice versa some 100 marks subjects have been upgraded to 200 marks. Moreover, the syllabi has also been revised accordingly. The bottom-line, however, is the aspirants of the CSS have to study more with special focus on developing analytical skills and creativity of thought.

The subject History of Pakistan has also undergone revision. No’¥ it is a 100 marks subject. Wait. What happened? Feeling discouraged to opt for this subject just because in your expectation it won’t be worth of the effort (as one has to put in almost an effort that is required for a 200 marks subject). If you are thin1:ing on these lines, well, think again

It is still a great optional subject to be opted for the Central Superior Services examinations. Rather, after the revision of syllabi and the total marks, preparation strategy has become all the more important. As we do not have the luxury to consign ourselves to the preparation of CSS for a long period of time, say more than a year, therefore, I would recommend opting subjects that also help you in your preparation of other subjects as well. In other words, this will positively reinforces your preparation. Such strategy will not only reduce your effort but also save your valuable time. History of India and Pakistan Mian Azmat Farooq JWT

Keeping this in mind, consider the benefits that this subject accrues. Firstly, it makes us read our own history. Secondly, it complements the papers of Pakistan Affairs and Current Affairs. This complementarity is a great incentive for those aspirants of CSS who have short time available for preparations. Thirdly, it enables us to trace our own progress – political, social, economic and administrative – by providing us a reference point of various dynasties to draw a comparison and contrast from the present-day. History of India and Pakistan Mian Azmat Farooq JWT

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