Lecturer Guide For Political Science By Dogar

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Lecturer Guide For Political Science By Dogar

Title: Lecturer Guide For Political Science
Author: Dogar
Pages: 309
Publisher: Dogar
Subject: Political Science

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Lecturer Guide For Political Science By Dogar



Lectureship is a milestone in the life of young college teachers who pursue their career concentrating on their subject. Lectureship is a dream and to translate this dream into reality, the young graduates are supposed to demonstrate clarity and understanding of the essential concepts of their subjects. The test is reflection of evolution of the chosen subject and the candidate attempts this test to prove his proper comprehension in the subject. The provincial service commission is responsible to organize the recruiting process including the test and interview.

Preparation for Lectureship

Before the Test

Both forms of the examination (Test/Interview) attempt to evaluate the candidates’ awareness of their subject in terms of concepts, scope, development and teaching method. The authentic definition, logical and sequential explanation, proper analysis and synthesis, practical application, and solid comprehension are the essential traits of the competent graduates that the young lecturers are supposed to have besides excellent (written and oral) communication and the choice and application of effective teaching methods. The persons who rely on the selected syllabus or ‘guess’ to pass the exams at the Masters level and luckily they passed, face certain problems here. They try to know the topics or ideas in isolation and they fail to grasp the whole canvas of their subject. Their defective relational ability, confused concepts, and knowledge gained through unauthentic sources are major hurdle in their way to success.

The candidates are suggested to develop themselves according to the given lines before exams:

  • Imagine the effective and constructive role of teacher particularly college teacher in the Pakistani society and try to be such a teacher.
  • Imagine the problems of the students (you may recall the problems you faced once you were a student) and find out their solutions.
  • Form your personal opinion accommodating the convincing aspects of different concerned. outlooks but it should not be confusing at all.
  • Develop a sound understanding of the national and global issues and their relevance with your subject.
  • Be constructive and demonstrate initiative taking approach in solving the given problems.
  • Always show faith in human goodness and find and suggest the ways to improve socio-political conditions if you are asked.
  • Show an analytical response to the ideas, policies or suggested solutions but avoid any sentimentality and hostile attitude towards any faith, opinion, policy or strategy.
  • Expose the implicit (especially negative) aspects of any opinion, policy or strategy with the empirical evidence or at least logical arguments.
  • Develop communication skills and strive for clarity, precision and persuasion to positive actions while discussing an idea.
  • Form the opinion and express the opinion in a sequential order avoiding any misunderstanding, confusion or misinterpretation.
  • Choose the words or expression highly suitable for a socially responsible person and avoid the stangs, informal and inappropriate bizarre expressions. Get practice to use the terminology of your subject with great care.
  • Show impartiality while comparing the matters or personalities where the candidate has strong affiliation with one of them.
  • Be Pakistani and think as a patriotic Pakistani. Don’t endorse the prejudiced or slanted views gainst Pakistan, Pakistani people, heroes and history. Show a critical approach towards such against propaganda.
  • Don’t form the opinion on the basis of unauthentic sources of information such as rumors, friends’ comments, biased opinions reflected in mass media, religious men’s common accusations, etc.
  • Find a role model in your teachers or the well-known teachers in terms of clarity of thought and expression, balanced and reasonable approach, and a patriotic Pakistani and try to imitate this role model at an initial stage and develop your own image gradually on the same lines. (The role models may be more than one.)


MCQs for Subject Test are designed to measure skills and knowledge gained over a long period of time. Although you might increase your scores to some extent through preparation a few weeks or months before you take the test. Last minute cramming is unlikely to be of further help.


There are two steps for the selection of lecturers:

  • Written Test
  • Interview


Lecturer Guide For Political Science By Dogar


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