Islam at a Glance By Sadruddin Islahi

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Title: Islam at a Glance
Author: Saddurdin Islahi
Pages: 246
Publisher: Islami Book Trust
Subject: CSS PMS Islamic Studies

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Islam at a Glance By Sadruddin Islahi

A book which comprised the essential introduction to lslam has long been urgently needed. The ideal thing would be a book neither too academic in approach nor much concemed with details, a compilation in fact neither over-emphasising any aspect nor understating some others but presenting a clear, simple and lucid exposition of lslam, a book plainly stating the genius of lslam, revealing its essence, spelling out its ideals, expounding its cardinal principles and teachings and bringing the whole Islamic order in focus, disclosing the way of life lslam prescribes and the code it enjoins its believers to follow. ’E‘he present volume is the result of an urge for such a book.Islam at a Glance I have earnestly endeavoured that it should meet the requirements l have mentioned above. l have tried that those who, in spite of being Muslims, do not have a correct knowledge of lslam, should be able, by going through its pages, to see lslam in its true shape. While the measure of success I have achieved in my effort is purely because of the benevolence of Allah, the failure in the fulfilment of this objective is entirely due to my lack of knowledge and intellect in doing full justice to the subject.

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In this book the readers will find both precision and detail. I have employed these devices according the requirement of each subject. thought it apt to avoid lengthy debate on those religious topics which are either very well known or are usually stressed upon by those who write and speak about lslam or preach it. Those religious matters and aspects which do not fall into this category, on which people are usually inadequately. informed and to which the writers and orators also pay scant attention, required comprehensive treatment. Similarly all such religious aspects of which people have not only scant knowledge but are even misinformed about and the full importance of which is not adequately recognized, undeniably deserved to be discussed and argued in detail.

l pray to Allah, and request the readers to endorse this prayer wholeheartedly, that may this book fulfil the objective it has been written with; May it prove for the people a source of understanding Islam, and for me, its sinful author, something which might be of some help to me in the Afterlife. Amin!


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