International Relations 12th Edition By Joshua S Goldstein

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Title: International Relations
Edition: 12th Edition
Author: Joshua S Goldstein & Jon C. Pevehouse
Pages: 529
Subject: International Relations

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International Relations 12th Edition By Joshua S Goldstein. International Relations enable readers to form a framework for analyzing the complex and constantly changing information that comprises our increasingly interconnected world. Opening readers’ eyes to the positive and negative events that occur across the globe every day, authors Jon Pevehouse and Joshua Goldstein offer a strong foundation in current global affairs, with insight into topics like foreign assistance in the developing world, the changing nature of war, and global poverty levels. International Relations 12th Edition By Joshua S Goldstein

The Twelfth Edition explores themes of international relationships from economic, social, and political standpoints. Through human scale stories that touch on broader themes such as war and peace, humans and their environment, poverty and development, and more, the book provides readers with relatable material to understand international relations. The topics studied by scholars are like a landscape with many varied locations and terrains. This text is a map that can orient you to the main topics, debates, and issue areas in international relations. Scholars use specialized language to talk about their subjects. This text is a phrase book that can translate such lingo and explain the terms and concepts that scholars use to talk about international relations. However, IR is filled with many voices speaking many tongues. The text translates some of those voices—of presidents and professors, free traders and feminists—to help you sort out the contours of the subject and the state of knowledge about its various topics. In this eleventh edition of International Relations, we have especially tried to streamline and clarify this complex subject to help you not just understand but deeply understand international relations. Ultimately, however, the synthesis presented in this text is that of the authors. Both you and your professor may disagree on many points. Thus, this text is only a starting point for conversations and debates. With a combined map and phrasebook in hand, you are ready to explore a fascinating world. The great changes taking place in world politics have made the writing of this text an exciting project. May you enjoy your own explorations of this realm.

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