International Relations Theory & Practice By M. Soban Ch Caravan

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International Relations Theory & Practice By M. Soban Ch Caravan

Title: International Relations (CSS/PMS)
Author: M. Soban Ch Caravan
Publisher: Caravan
Edition: Revised & Updated
Pages: 627
Subject: International relations

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International Relations Theory & Practice By M. Soban Ch Caravan


To produce a good book, a writer has to go through a lot of relevant material, research activity and deep perusal of related documents. The book in your hands is the result of a sustained, hectic and researched activity. International Relations is a tricky subject, not because it’s difficult and dry, because it is in developing stages. It began as a proper subject after WW 1, exactly a century ago. Before the great war, IR was considered as a branch of Political Science and History. After the great war, it came out as an independent subject, and its growth in the subsequent years established its roots as a major subject. IR, as a subject, incisively analyzed the historical developments and offered explanation with the help of multiple theories like Realism, Liberalism and Marxism. These explanations separated it from the core theories of Political Science and impeccably filled its theoretical foundations.

Coming to the CSS Syllabus, the subject of IR has been divided into two sections: Paper I and Paper II. The syllabus is quite lengthy and all the topics mentioned in the syllabi demand a lot of study/research from various books, journals and magazines, which is not humanly possible for an aspirant to cover in the required time. Keeping this in view, this book covers a wide range of to-the-point topics, taken from different sources (books, magazines, journals, and editorials). Moreover, this book contains tables, figures, maps and a glossary which will make this subject more interesting and captivating.

The main reason of producing this book is to make IR an easy read for aspirants, and to encourage them to delve into relevant sources in order to quench their thirst. As Alexander Pope remarks in his essay:

A little learning is a dangerous thing; drink deep, or taste not the Pierian Spring: There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, and drinking largely sobers us again.”

Lastly and importantly, A writer is also not free from making mistakes. So, if the readers find any composing mistakes and repetitions, do write this author an email on the address given below.

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International Relations Theory & Practice By M. Soban Ch Caravan


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