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An Introduction to Sociology By Abdul Hameed Taga & Abdul Aziz Taga


Title: An Introduction to Sociology
Authors: Abdul Hameed Taga & Abdul Aziz Taga
Publisher: Imtiaz Book Depot
Pages: 437
Subject: CSS/PMS Sociology



An Introduction to Sociology By Abdul Hameed Taga & Abdul Aziz Taga In the name of Allah The Most Merciful and the Beneficent who gave me the strength and courage to start this project. Importance of sociology is increasing day by day it is being introduced in every‘ walk of life, both as a subject and as a career. Many books on sociology are available in the market which are not written in the Pakistani context and unable to fulfill the needs of the students. It is need of the time that there should be a book which should provide simple and comprehensive material on sociology for diverse reader. Q . . BS (I-lons.) program is new and students of the intermediate are unable to act up to the mark and they become the victim of cultural lag. Sociology is being taught in BBA, BCS, MBA’ and other degree classes. For these, there should be a book covering basic concepts of sociology Combined with simple, easy, digestible and classified material. This book will work as a bridge and encourage the reading habits of the students. Students of CSS and PMS are not well aware rather seldom read sociology as a subject before. Most of the books on CSS and PMS, in the market, are written by non sociologists which give a lot of crude material but failed ‘to clarify and explain the real concepts of sociology. This book, by the grace of Allah Almighty, will address this chronic issue and fulfill the needs of new entries in the discipline of sociology. An Introduction to Sociology By Abdul Hameed Taga & Abdul Aziz Taga – A A Lectureship, Social Welfare Officers, Population Welfare Officers, etc. are the kinds of exams which usually require such kind of a handbook covering major concepts of principles of sociology, social research, social thought and social problems of Pakistan. These topics have been covered with detail in this book. ‘ S ” A During the preparation of this book, author also interacted with many sociologists relating to academia, research organizations and other fields of sociology. Suggestions given by them have been incorporated. Author is thankful to all those persons who, directly or indirectly, contributed by sharing their valuable ideas and suggestions regarding book preparation. My special thanks is extended to Prof. Sultan Alam Usmani, i(=Ex¥chairman) Department of Sociology, Punjab University, who reviewed the core contents and structure of this book. The author is thankful to Mr. M. Ismail Taga (Lecturer in English) for his suggestions and comments. The Author is thankful to my wife who worked as a moral booster for me and continuously supported me till the completion of this work. A The Author is also thankful to those who appreciated this effort and encourage a lot during this exercise. An Introduction to Sociology By Abdul Hameed Taga & Abdul Aziz Taga