International Relations 4th Edition By Peu Gosh

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Title: International Relations
Author: Peu Gosh
Edition: 4th Edition 2018
Pages: 519
Subject: CSS/PMS International Relations

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This edition of International Relations By Peu Gosh has been revamped and rewritten after getting the tremendous response from the academicians, students, young scholars and teaching faculties all over India since the book was published in 2009. Current international scenario has compelled us to look afresh at the events happening all around the globe. The global recession that set in 2008 send shock waves and international political economy witnessed a massive depression; This depression touched the Eurozone too and the Euro debt crisis is known to all. Moreover, turbulence in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and the rise of new terror axis has complicated the situation in these countries. The deteriorating political conditions in these countries called for international action, including air strikes that have forced thousands to leave their countries and voyage into other countries, especially, Europe. The massive influx of ‘boat people’ has given rise to an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Europe. Another development in international political economy is the falling crude price. The world is grappling in coming to terms with these crises amongst many. The book cannot disregard such developments. International Relations 4th Edition 2016-2017 By Peu Gosh. Therefore, a new chapter (Chapter 21) on Current Concerns in International Relations: India and the World has been also added to this new edition. Chapters I-5 deal with the theoretical aspects of International Relations. These chapters primarily focus on the “evolution, nature and scope of International Relations, different approaches to the study of Intemational Relations, detailed discussion on intemational system and states and non-state actors, national power, national interest, balance of power and foreign policy and its determinants and various techniques. Chapters 6-9 deaf with the major world events and patterns of intemational relations that emerged in the post-Second World War era. Chapter l0 deals with regionalism in international relations and‘ major regional organizations of the world and their role in world politics. International Relations 4th Edition 2018 By Peu Gosh. Chapter ll carries an in-depth analysis of the United Nations. Chapters 12-16 contain an analysis of the newer concerns of International Relations. They deal with the various attempts at disarmament, challenges posed by globalization, question of development and sustainable development. Bsue of human rights and the menace of terrorism. Chapter 14 which deals with

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