Political Science MCQs By M Imtiaz Shahid Advanced Publishers


Political Science MCQs By M Imtiaz Shahid Advanced Publishers

Title: Political Science MCQs
Authors: M Imtiaz Shahid
Publisher: Advanced Publishers
Pages: 565
Subject: Political Science



Political Science MCQs By M Imtiaz Shahid Advanced Publishers. Unlock the door to your political science expertise with the “Advanced Political Science MCQs Bank” by M Imtiaz Shahid, a comprehensive resource tailored for aspirants of competitive examinations. This meticulously designed MCQs bank is an indispensable tool for individuals preparing for positions such as lecturers, assistant professors, subject specialists, and various government roles through CSS, PCS, PMS, and other respected exams.

Designed to meet the latest standards of Federal and Provincial Public Service Commissions, this guide serves M.A. and BS Honours students. Also, It includes past papers, crucial for grasping exam patterns and criteria set by Pakistani Universities and NTS.

The MCQs Bank excels with concise coverage of political theories, government systems, and global relations. More than a book, it’s a strategic tool for mastering political science with challenging, thought-provoking questions.

Structured in a clear, concise format, the book offers:
  • A broad spectrum of questions covering all significant areas of political science.
  • Questions were chosen to reflect the complexity and variety of modern political science exams.
  • Detailed explanations for answers to enhance understanding and retention.
  • A format conducive to self-study, group study, or supplementary course material.

Lastly, Whether you are aiming for excellence in your academic pursuits. Setting forth on a competitive career path within the civil services. The “Advanced Political Science MCQs Bank” by Advanced Publishers is your guide through the intricate landscape of political science. So, Make this book your companion, and take a confident step toward securing your future in politics and governance.


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