Pakistan and World: Who is Who & What is What 2018 Edition

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Title: Who is Who & What is What
Author: Khalid Sheikh
Edition: 2018
Pages: 766
Publisher: AH Publishers


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Who is Who & What is What 2018 Edition By Khalid Sheikh AH Publisher. Coming out of decade long slumber and shaking shoulders to embark upon a ginormous task of revising and infusing new information in this edition seemed to me like copying Greek god Atlas who is carrying earth on his shoulders. It was a genuine and huge gap to gulf and mean while a lot of water had already passed under the bridge. But I was reminded of a famous philosophy to bounce back: I am strong and life will never get me down, because the harder I try, the higher I bounce. Who is Who & What is What 2018 Edition By Khalid Sheikh AH Publisher

Since I have emigrated to England and life here is far more complicated and busy like bee round the clock. There is hardly any chance that I have ever looked back to any of my ~ projects and wished to sit down on them again. My publisher, Iftikhar Butt, one of great friends, inspired me a lot to stage a comeback. Finally I accepted the task to revise this book. Who is Who & What is What 2018 Edition By Khalid Sheikh AH Publisher

Every page of the book asked for my deep concentration and every information demanded a severe double-check policy implementation. Being busy on professional side, it became harder and harder for me to spare time for this task but consistent push from my conscience ultimately brought daylight to the completion of this book. I have to burn midnight oil all the way down. Throughout the process I checked thousands of websites, journals, magazines, newspapers, online libraries and all those resources which could help me in this regard. Seeking copyrights and professional approach is a special trademark of this book.

Finally I would like to express my gratitude to the many people who saw me through this book; to all those who provided support, talked things over, read, wrote, offered comments, allowed me to quote their remarks and assisted in the editing, proofreading and design. I would like to thank Dr Haiyu Li (BSe, MSc, PhD, CEng, MIET, MIEEE) — a Senior Lecturer and an expert of “Power System Automations and Communication Systems” at Manchester University, United Kingdom — who gave me his genuine thoughts on this book and made me have pride of my work. I would also appreciate a quick response by Mr. Charles Parfitt, who is currently performing as Headteacher at Alma Park School, Manchester. Who is Who & What is What 2018 Edition By Khalid Sheikh AH Publisher