International Law By Raheem Bakhsh Matilo JWT


Title: International Law for CSS/PCS/LLB & LLM
Author: Raheem Bakhsh Matilo (PAS)
Revised & Updated Edition
ISBN: 978-969-573-739-2
Subject: CSS/PMS International Law

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International Law By Raheem Bakhsh Matilo JWT By the countless blessings of Almighty Allah, my endeavors to write a International law book for the ultimate benefit of the aspirants of competitive exams, especially CSS, have ‘borne fruit in form of this book entitled “International Law”. I have put in persistent and relentless efforts to write this very book keeping in view the needs of CS5, PMS aspirants and those of the LLB students. Moreover, the latest paper pattern of various universities and Public Service Commissions in Pakistan has also been a major focus of this treatise. t r The book is a comprehensive I discourse on almost all important topics of “International Law” and on the questions which have been put -frequently in CS5 exam. In addition, MCQs, which comprise 1/5th of the total marks, have also been solved for the greater benefit of the aspirants. “International Law” will, InshaAllah, resolve all the difficulties. and will fulfil all the needs of the students who, unfortunately, seldom find a resourceful book which may contain the stuff for a better preparation. The relevant concepts of this very subject have been elaborated in a simple and lucid language, so that the readers may easily grasp them. L There is no denying the fact that humans are prone to mistakes. I have taken extreme care to make it error-free. Nevertheless, if my readers find any mistake, I urge them to let me know. Moreover, the sincere suggestions for further improvement of the book will also be gratefully welcomed at International Law By Raheem Bakhsh Matilo JWT

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