GAT General By Muhammad Idrees Dogar Brothers. One of··the contenders for _the title “world’s worst GAT advice” is the following s·parkler: Jus? take the GAT without .. preparing, to see how you’ll do. You can always retake the test later if you’re ·not happy with your score. . That advice is easy for others to say: they don’t have to live with it. your scores afterward. Here’s the truth: for every hundred students who “just take” the GAt without p_reparing, 99 will be disappointed with one or more of their reading, analytical, or math scores-sometimes crushingly disappointed. (That other student either is incredibly lucky or doesn’t care about the· GAT one way or the other.) And once someone is disappointed, that makes the inevitable subsequent preparation all the harder.

Look, there’s just no way you’re- going to do anywhere near your best unless you prepare for the GAT; that· just stands to reason. I know you realize how important preparing for the GAT ·is: ·that’s why you’re · reading this book. GAT General By Muhammad Idrees Dogar Brothers

Incidentally, a common myth is .that students generally improve the second time they take the GAT, even if they don’t prepare between tests. Yes, it’s true that students at the average score level (40 to SO) tend· to improve a bit. The higher your starting score is, however, the less “practice effect” you get (the improvement ·nt resulting simply from retaking the test). In fact, scores greater than 65 tend to decline on retesting?if a student does not prepare. Ironically then, the higher your starting scores, the more important it becomes to prepare for the next GAT: Another all-too-common fallacy about preparing for the GAT General By Muhammad Idrees Dogar Brothers is that all you need to do is “familiarize yourself” with the test by taking some practice exams. Yeah, right, that’s like saying the way to. Becoming a · great basketball player is to familiarize yourself with ·a basketball court and practice tak·ing a few shots. Michae.1 Jordan once said that there’s a right way and a wrong way to practice basketball. He said that it doesn’t matter if you practice eight hours a day if you’re practicing the wrong way, all you’re doing is getting really good at doing ·the wrong things. GAT General By Muhammad Idrees Dogar Brothers