Plant Physiology: 5th Edition By Lincoln Taiz & Eduardo Zeiger

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Title: Plant Physiology
Edition: Fifth
Author: Lincoln Taiz & Eduardo Zeiger
Pages: 673
Subject: CSS Botany

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This is a Recommended Book by FPSC for Optional Subject Botany

Plant Physiology, Fifth Edition continues to set the standard for textbooks in the field, making plant physiology accessible to virtually every student. Authors Lincoln Taiz and Eduardo Zeiger have again collaborated with a stellar group of contributing plant biologists to produce a current and authoritative volume that incorporates all the latest findings. Changes for the new edition include: * A newly updated chapter (Chapter 1) on Plant Cells, including new information on the endomembrane system, the cytoskeleton, and the cell cycle * A new chapter (Chapter 2) on Genome Structure and Gene Expression * A new chapter (Chapter 14) on Signal Transduction * Updates on recent developments in the lightreactions and the biochemistry of photosynthesis, respiration, ion transport, and water relations * In the phytochrome, blue-light, hormone and development chapters, new information about signaling pathways, regulatory mechanisms, and agricultural applications * Coverage of recent breakthroughs on the control of flowering * Three new Appendices on Concepts of Bioenergetics, Plant Kinematics, and Hormone Biosynthetic Pathways As with prior editions, the Fifth Editionis accompanied by a robust Companion Website. New material has been added here as well, including new Web Topics and Web Essays.


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