International Relations (CSS/PMS) By Attiq-ur-Rehman AH Publisher

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Title: International Relations (CSS/PMS)
Author: Attiq-ur-Rehman
Publisher: A H Publishers
Pages: 448
Edition: 2017
Subject: CSS/PMS International Relations

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The discipline of International Relations (IR) is the academic study of the origins and consequences (both empirical and normative) of a world divided among states. So defined, IR is a very broad discipline.It includes a variety of sub-fields such as diplomatic statecraft and foreign policy analysis, comparative politics, historical sociology, international political economy, international history, strategic studies and military affairs, ethics, and international political theory. In addition to its wide scope, the study of international relations is shaped by the interplay between continuity and change in its subject-matter. Accordingly, the contents of this book reflect both the scope of the discipline as well as dramatic developments in world politics.There fore, studying global politics to days-reveals how porous the borders of nation-states have become and how easily persons, ideas, and things can be moved across them. Firms can trade goods ‘and services with the click of the computer mouse  without ever leaving home. International Politics or International Relations as an academic disciplines of a recent origin. This discipline is so new that it can be called as the ‘youngest of all the social sciences’. It is dynamic in nature. In the present time, the need to tackle environmental problems, growing international terrorism, violation of Human Rights, Nuclear non-proliferation, unjust economic order, negative impacts of globalization as well as the necessity for reconstructing or reforming UN, IMF,WTO, International power structure, etc. has been keeping the discipline on a development path. International relations is a comprehensive concept and all type of political, non”- political, social, economic, cultural, legal, governmental and non-governmental relations etc are its subject matter. In comparison to it the relation of international politics is with the power struggle going on among different nations as every state weak or strong wants to spread its influence over other nations.


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