Gender Studies MCQs Subjective By Moazam Hashmi Advanced


Title: Gender Studies
Author: Moazam Hashmi
Pages: 276
Edition: 2016
Publisher: Advanced Publisher
Subject: CSS Gender Studies

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Sir Francis Bacon once explaining and elaborating ‘innovations’, metaphorically called them STRANGERS that are more admired but less favoured. Almost same is the case with ‘Gender Studies’ – a young discipline – particularly in Pakistani academia. And it, as a subject of study at CSS level, is more like an ABSOLUTE STRANGER for the majority of CSS community! This book “Gender Studies” is an attempt to break the ice and familiarize its readers (especially the CSS aspirants) with this inclusive subject in such a way that they get hold of its SCOPE, IMPORTANCE and FUNCTION with ease. “Gender Studies” introduces students to the discipline of Gender Studies by analyzing women’s roles and contributions to society and culture from the perspective of the recent scholarship on women. It also explores and shares developments in the field of Masculinity and Queer Studies. “Gender Studies”, as its additional components, brings to it readers: ‘Key Terms in Gender Studies’, a Timeline of Gender Events’, and a precise list of ‘Gender Issue(s) Champions’. On the whole “Gender Studies” primarily throws light on the complex interactions between gender and other social divisions such as identity, race, class, and sexual orientation. In addition, it also addresses the following issues: the polltics of women’s work, the representation of women’s bodies in the media, male violence (and) violence against women, healthcare and reproductive rights, gender and social psychology, gender and public policy, and global feminism. The history of feminist movements in west and their certain theoretical perspectives have also been sufficiently addressed in here. Studying “Gender Studies” is firmly hoped to be strong and relevant support or the candidates who wish to ace their Gender Studies paper with flying colours.Gene


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