How To Write Competitive Essays By Syed Nasir Shah & Akbar Mayo


Title: How To Write Competitive Essays
Author: Syed Nasir Jamal Shah & Akbar Mayo
Publisher: Sang-e-Meel
Pages: 336
Subject: CSS/PMS Essay

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English essay is the most important paper in the preparation of CSS & PMS examination. It reflects the entire outlook of the exacting demand imposed upon candidates who aspire to succeed in it. It checks mental discipline, use of thoughts, argumentation, style, content and exposition regarding varied topics given in the paper. What makes its preparation so special is the learning process that an aspirant internalizes to come to terms with a list of challenges that this examination entails. The appearance of this paper at the first stage is intimidating as well as rewarding.

A candidate having prepared for the entire examination, his struggle spanning over a considerable duration looks forward to a breakthrough to unleash his prowess in different subjects. This is the paper that provides the candidate a singular opportunity to embark on the sojourn of expression and effective communication. It just acts like a trigger that kick-starts this process of examination and furnishes a fury into the ferocious struggle that has been ranging for the last so many months.

This book provides CSS & PMS aspirants with the kind of impetus they are looking forward in their preparation. Ample ground has been centered in this book on issues of varied category and type. However, the material should be considered in terms of giving its reader a crystal clear idea on how to approach any topic. Since the realm of expression is amenable to possibilities and acceptance of different approaches, candidates could also come up with their own unique expression and style. It has been famously said by Einstein that example is not another way of teaching it is the only way of teaching.

The Authors of Thgsis Book Urge Aspirents to take a leaf from this Book and start capitalization on their Written Expression


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