Common Mistakes in English With Exercises By T J Fitikides

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Title: Common Mistakes in English With Exercises
Author: T J Fitikides
Pages: 189
Subject: English Composition

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This book has been designed to meet the requirements of students whose mother tongue is not English, Its main purpose is to help to correct the common mistakes to which foreign learners of English are liable. The method adopted throughout this work is uniform. All the errors dealt with are singled out, for they have to be recognised before they can be corrected: then correct forms are substituted for incorrect ones; finally, simple explanations are given wherever necessary to justify particular usages. Exercises are set al the end to ensure that the principles may become firmly fixed in the students’ minds.

!t is no! claimed that this manual is exhaustive. Nevertheless, the difficulties tackled are real, and the examples arc representative of the mistakes commonly made by foreign students of English, being the result of observations made over a long period of time. Much care has been given to the preparation of the Index, which it ?s hoped will make the book a useful work of reference. My acknowledgements are due to MrVV. H G. Popplestone. who has read mymanuscript and made many valuable suggestions.


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