The Political System of Pakistan By K B Sayeed


Title: The Political System of Pakistan
Author: K B Sayeed
Pages: 321
Publisher: Peace Publications
Recommended: By FPSC for Political Science



The Political System of Pakistan By K B Sayeed. in the first three chapters of this book an attempt is made to delineatc the origins and growth of the Pakistan movement culminating in the creation of the state of Pakistan. I have drawn freely on the material presented in my earlier book, Pakistan, The Formative Phase, but with the significant difference that in this book my primary concern has been to explain the kind of political process that operated under the British with the Congress and Muslim League as the two major contestants for political power. In addition, I have had the advantage of consulting the Minto Papers and the papers of the late Sir George Cunningham (Governor of the N.-W.F.P., 1937-45-and 1947-48) and Sir Francis Mudie (Governor of Sind, 1946-47, and Governor of West Punjab, 1947-49). The Political System of Pakistan By K B Sayeed, Chapters 4-ll deal more directly with the political system of Pakistan. ln Chapters 5 and 6 there is more emphasis on the output process and the capabilities of the government in coping with political and social change. Chapter 7 is concerned with what is often regarded as the raison d’étre of Pakistan, namely, Islam, and how it has influenced Pakistan’s political culture. The demands that are made on and the cues that are intimated to the political system have been explored in Chapters 8 and 9 (Politics of Regionalism, and Parties and Elections). Development in the rural sector is examined in Chapter l0. The Political System of Pakistan By K B Sayeed.  The final chapter on Foreign Relations explores the impact of Pakistan’s external environment on the capabilities of its government in maintaining national security and unity and in promoting economic development. The author has tried to interpret the Pakistani point of view. An attempt of this kind is essential if one is to understand how Pakistan’s political system is shaped by Pakistani attitudes, their beliefs and their reactions to certain external forces.