Monthly Global Point Current Affairs April 2022.

Monthly Global Point Current Affairs April 2022. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has initiated a new debate in the foreign policy of Pakistan. The controversy arose because of the untimely visit of Prime Minister, Imran Khan to Moscow and thereafter the appearance of a letter from the United States, State Department, questioning the preferences in the foreign policy of Pakistan. Rather, than tackling the issue at the level of the foreign office, the political forces in Pakistan involved themselves in an unnecessary open debate with ambiguous orientations of various political parties, institutions, and prominent national personalities.

The imprudent debate and political squabbling denuded the state secrets and confidentially of national policies and redlines of Pakistani national interests. This mainly happened because of the no-confidence move against the incumbent Government of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Taking the cover of the US threatening letter, Prime Minister Imran Khan accused the opposition parties and their leadership as traitors and part of the so-called US strategy of regime change. At Islamabad Security Dialogue, Prime Minister Imran Khan further criticized the opposition and particularly a “powerful” country, indeed the United States and the west for their prejudices and biases against Pakistan and Imran Khan. These statements were more political in nature to shed the impending pressure of no-confidence. The same forum was later addressed by General Bajwa, the powerful Army Chief of Pakistan. Unlike the political statement of Prime Minister Imran Khan, General Bajwa took a different approach to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and called for its immediate stoppage.


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