Islamic Studies MCQs (CSS/PMS) By Rehana Ashraf JWT


Title: Islamic Studies MCQs
Author: Rehana Ashraf
Publisher: Jahangir World Times
Pages: 352
ISBN: 978-969-573-281-6
Subject: CSS/PMS Islamic Studies

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First and foremost, I am greatly indebted to Almighty Allah for having enabled me to take up such a collective and academic endeavour. I am also not oblivious of the fact that the blessing of the Holy Prophet (SAWW) has accompanied me throughout this demanding journey. I extend my complete gratitude to Almighty Allah and His Prophet (SAWW) as without their guidance it would not have been possible for me to complete this task. Furthermore, I am also thankful to my father Muhammad Ashraf Ahsan, Abdul Malik Zaidi, Zahid Ashraf, Javana Mushtaq, Farzana Ashraf and Zoya Malik who helped me in completing this book. Obliged acknowledgments are due to the resources like websites and articles which I consulted. This book will provide MCQs information on the topics of Islamiat, history, law and jurisprudence, prophets of Almighty Allah, beliefs, important pillars of Islam, life of the Holy Prophet (SAWW), wives of the Holy Prophet (SAWW), Sahaba Karam and their titles, battles, Farewell Pilgrimage, Khulfa e Rashideen (RA), Untayyads, Abbasids, Muslims in Spain, important books and authors, Islamic calendar and the solved CSS papers.


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