Essays on Pakistan Affairs 2016 By Sobhan Ch.


Title: Essays on Pakistan Affairs
Edition: 2016
Author:: Muhammad Sobhan Ch.
Pages: 587
Publisher: Caravan Publisher
Subject: CSS Pakistan Affairs

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The recent revised scheme and syllabus for CSS competitive examination 2016 has introduced Pakistan Affairs syllabi that include Ideology of Pakistan the renaissance land and people of Pakistan, Pakistan security concerns and challenges faced by the sovereignty. The quick look divides syllabus into three parts ,First evolution of Ideology of Pakistan, second, Geographical features and their characteristics, third problems faced by Pakistan and the socio political cum economic problems that have curiously entangled geo political fabric of Pakistan. A significant miss in the syllabus is Pakistan Movement, giving a deep thought to it,I came to the conclusion that movement is/was of great importance and every development in post independence era either it constitutional, political, a security concern an economic challenge or the evaluation of democratic system cannot be segregated from Pakistan Movement. It is true that the movement justifies the creation of Pakistan and the problems that emanated after the creation of Pakistan have their roots in the anomalies and the injustices that had been done to Pakistan during partition period. Thus, instead of elapsing the movement I choose to give it with all its dimensions. Moreover, Muslim rule in Indian subcontinent has been given as a passing reference. A serious question was either to describe it as a passing reference or to it an integral part of the book? I choose the middle path and gave a detailed account of Muslim rule in the subcontinent. In this effort to compile material and writing down certain missing aspects I did my level best that the standard must not be cmpromised. It is equally true that I made an all-out of effort to collect material from all possible sources that were from journals, internet sources, books, newspapers, economic surveys and periodicals by distinguished institutions. In process of compiling and jotting the material in a systematic way I lost the name of authors, essayists, researchers and writers. I feel greatly indebted to all these gentlemen whose intel!ectual efforts have been incorporated in the book. The aim was simply to facilitate the aspiring candidates of CSS. I believe the aim is successfully achieved. Any how if any error of omission or commission has crept unknowingly in the book I stand responsible for that and I request to the readers to pinpoint them. So that they may be removed in the next edition. I hope this book will go a long way to serve the candidate of CSS.


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