Current Affairs Quarterly Journal With MCQs – Book 16 JWT


Title: Current Affairs Quarterly Journal With MCQs
Publisher: Jahangir World Times
Pages: 480
Books No: 16
Subject: CSS/PMS Current Affairs
ISBN: 44887586996412

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Current Affairs Quarterly Journal With MCQs – Book 16 JWT

The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) introduced major changes to the scheme and syllabi for CSS exam. Like all other papers, Current Affairs too gone through major changes. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the syllabus for this paper had been changed altogether and now students will have to put in more dedicated efforts to get through this paper after the revision of syllabus, most CSS aspirants are at sea about the intricacies of the new syllabus. They are desperately looking for the quality stuff that is necessary for preparing well for the CSS exam. As in past, our monthly magazine Jahangir’s World Times (JWT) has been the top choice of CSS aspirants, especially for Compulsory Papers, for many years, Current Affairs Quarterly Journal With MCQs – Book 15 JWT — A Quality Publication of JWT — too has been a great source of quality stuff on almost all Compulsory and some most-opted-for Optional Subjects. It covered almost all the topics of the CSS syllabus and that too in an exam-oriented fashion. Now, the new edition of Quarterly Journal “QJ l4” is being presented. During the preparation of this treatise, a special care has been taken for incorporating only such material that is exactly in accordance with the revised syllabus. All the topics have been selected after keeping in view the different aspects of the syllabus and the requirements of the aspirants so that they may find it easy to prepare for the career-building exam, i.e. CSS. A Almost all articles contained in QJ 14 not only cover the new syllabus of Compulsory Subjects but is also highly helpful in preparing for the subjects like International Relations and Political Science which are now highly important because regrouping of Optional Subjects has made them almost compulsory as a huge majority of candidates will have to choose one of the two subjects. So, QJ 14 will InshaAllah fulfill all the needs of aspirants and by reading this they will be able to present the critical analyses on the topics that is the only key to securing success in CSS. Current Affairs Quarterly Journal With MCQs – Book 15 JWT

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