CSS/PMS Agriculture and Forestry By Raja M Qasim JWT


Title: Agriculture & Forestry
Author: Raja M Qasim Januja (PMS)
Publisher: Jahangir World Times
Pages: 264
ISBN: 978-969-664-053-0
Subject: CSS/PMS Agriculture and Forestry

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Magnificent, for His countless bounties and blessings that He has showered upon me. With His compassion and mercifulness, I am able to come up with this version of my book titled “Agriculture and Forestry for C88”. The objective behind compiling this volume is to provide students with updated knowledge in accordance with the new syllabus. Thus, every effort has been made to cover all contents besides ensuring that the work produced is explained with illustrations “Agriculture and Forestry for CSS” will, Insha Allah, be an immensely useful resource for the CSS aspirants as it will help them to enhance and enrich their understanding of First and foremost, I owe infinite gratitude and limitless thanks to Allah, the Ever the subject through practical approach. Students of the competitive exams have always found it difficult to get precise and relevant material on this subject. They needed a book that offers them maximum knowledge in the shortest possible time. With this objective in mind, only relevant and to the point material is added to make this book more interesting as well as informative.This book presents concise and to the point version of every tOpic While studying this discourse, the readers will realize that Agriculture and Forestry is not merely an academic discipline but a way of thinking about the world we live in.


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