Success Essays [CSS/PMS/PCS] By M. Zahur-ul-Haq – JWT


Title: Success Essays
Author: M. Zahur-ul-Haq
Publisher: Jahangir World Times
Pages: 151
Edition: 2016
Category: CSS – PMS – PCS
Subject: English Essay

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CSS/PMS Solved Essays with outlines

CSS candidates are required to produce essays in accordance with certain expectations of the paper setter which are mentioned on top of the essay question paper. Essays contained in this book help you to come up to the expectations of the examiner to get highest possible marks. To start with, one of his requirements is “exposition” which means that you should try to reveal and discuss maximum relevant aspects of the topic. A half-hearted and sketchy dealing of some of its imperatives will not serve the purpose. Then comes his demand concerning “argumentation” i.e. whenever you make a point do not forget to establish its identity by to uphold or discard it by genuine and forceful arguments. Further wherever you raise a question or come across a controversial situation do have a few arguments for and against the proposition. While doing so give your own point of view as well. Discuss alternatives with arguments to sift right from the wrong or accept the right and reject the wrong. Next comes “description” which implies giving a vivid account of the situation under discussion. It demands presentation of all relevant details clearly and convincingly. Description is followed by “Narration” which means moving ahead vigorously. Candidates who are short of ideas often indulge in tail-spinning, beating about the bush, or moving in circles just to fill up as many pages of the answer book as possible. Narrative demands smooth and logical flow of ideas, moving from one thought to the next effortlessly. A stuck up expression results in loss of interest and lands the reader in a state of drudgery.


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