Muhammadan Jurisprudence Abdul Raheem


Title: Muhammadan Jurisprudence
Author: Sir Abdul Raheem
Pages: 443
Publisher: K.L.R Publications
Subject: LAW


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Muhammadan Jurisprudence Abdul Raheem

Muhammadan Jurisprudence Abdul Raheem. THIS book embodies the substance of the lectures which I delivered in the University of Calcutta, as Tagore Professor for the year 1907, and I greatly regret that there should have been so much delay, due to reasons altogether personal to myself, in the publication of the book.

The first Chapter is intended to be introductory, and its usefulness will, I trust, be apparent, especially with reference to  the topics discussed in Chapters XI to XII. I ought to mention that, in writing the earlier portion of the first Chapter, I derived valuable suggestions from Mr. Macdonald’s excellent treatise on Muhammadan Theology. Muhammadan Jurisprudence Abdul Raheem

Abdul Raheem

This is because of Chapters II to V contain an exposition of ‘ Al-Usul ‘ or the Science of Law, as developed by the Muhammadan jurists between the eighth and the fourteenth centuries of the ChristianEra. Much of this part of the book is practically a translation of Sadru’sh-Shari’at’s ‘Taudih’ which was written sometime in the fourteenth century and is recognized as a standard work on the subject. The other writings on Usul which I have largely consulted are Taftdzdnis” ‘ Talwih ‘, which is a commentary on 1 Taudih ‘, Fakhru’l-Isldm’s ‘ Al-Usul ‘ and its commentary ‘ Kash- fn’1-Israr’, ‘ Musullumu’th-Thabut ‘, by Muhibbullah and its commentaries by Bahrul Ulum and others, ‘ Attaqrir-wa’t Tahbir ‘, by Ibn Hammam, ‘ Nuru’l-Anwar ‘, by Mullah Jiwan ; ‘ Jam’u’l- Jaw&mi’ ‘, by Tajuddin Subki with its commentary by Al-M&halli and the gloss known as ‘ Al-Ayatu’l-Bayyin&t ‘ and ‘ Al-Mukhtasar ‘ by Ibn Hajib with Q&di Udud’s commentary thereon.

In this writing the remaining chapters I have not had the same invaluable help of these eminent jurists, who did not think fit to pursue their investigations beyond the limits of the topics dealt with in Chapters II to V. In Chapters of the VI to XII, I have endeavoured to explain the fundamental theories and legal ideas. Muhammadan Jurisprudence Abdul Raheem