Agriculture and Forestry By Muhammad Asif Malik AH Publisher

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Title: Competitive Agriculture and Forestry
Author: Muhammad Asif malik
Publisher: AH Publisher
Pages: 929
Subject: CSS / PMS Agriculture and Forestry

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I owe my deepest gratitude to Allah Almighty who enabled me to accomplish this book titled “Agriculture and Forestry”. This book explains the basics of agricultural science and forestry. A deliberate effort has been made to explain all the disciplines of agriculture and forestry. Given the range of topics and issues that had to be covered to make it a meaningful presentation. Agriculture and forestry is a vital source for economic assistance and all round progress of our country. Present agriculture and forestry has taken shape of a business enterprise which requires a contingent land use planning and fullest use of available input resources for the highest productivity. Availability of scientific informations about the latest technology and their effective transfer from scientists venue to the farmer’s field is of immense utility. I had to rely heavily on published materials from a wide range of sources including the government’s reports for which I am highly obliged to the authors and organizations whose work has been referred to in this book. The entire book is prepared in most simple, clear and talking language so that the contents could be easily followedfiby the readers. This edition of book is completely inconsonance with the revised syllabus of FPSC for Agriculture and Forestry.


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