History of Modern Europe Since 1789 By V.D. Mahajan


History of Modern Europe Since 1789 By V.D. Mahajan

History of Modern Europe Since 1789 By V.D. Mahajan. I have great pleasure in placing the fourteenth edition of the book in the hands of the readers. In this edition, I have rewritten the chapter on “The Cold War” and added a new Chapter on “German Revolution. and the Weimer Republic (1918-1933).” I have no doubt that these additions have added to the utility of the book. I have always held the view that a study of the history of Modern Europe is very essential ·For the people of my country. The reason is that revolutionary changes took place in Europe during the period covered by this book and those changes affected profoundly the whole of the world. There was the unification of Germ any and Italy during· the nineteenth Century.

Title: History of Modern Europe Since 1789
Author: V.D. Mahajan
Pages: 695
Subject: European History

Table of Contents

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