Global Age Environmental Science – HSM


Title: Environmental Science
Author: Maryum Zafar & Iqra Saleem
Publisher: HSM Publishers
Pages: 293
Edition: Latest & Updated
Subject: CSS Environmental Science

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Global Age Environmental Science By Maryum Zafar and Iqra Saleem HSM is a comprehensive and insightful book that provides a detailed overview of the complex field of environmental science. This book is an excellent resource for students, scholars, and professionals who want to deepen their understanding of the environment and the impact of human activities on it.

The book covers a wide range of topics, from the basic principles of environmental science to the latest developments in environmental policy and management. It starts with an introduction to environmental science and explores the major components of the environment, including air, water, soil, and biodiversity. The book also delves into the impact of human activities on these components, including pollution, deforestation, and climate change.

One of the strengths of this book is its interdisciplinary approach. It draws on insights from biology, chemistry, physics, geology, and other disciplines to provide a holistic view of the environment. It also discusses the social and economic factors that contribute to environmental problems and explores potential solutions.

Global Age Environmental Science By Maryum Zafar and Iqra Saleem HSM

Another key feature of this book is its focus on practical applications. The author provides case studies and examples from around the world to illustrate the concepts and principles discussed in the book. The book also includes practical tips for individuals and organizations to reduce their environmental footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Throughout the book, Dr. Khan emphasizes the importance of scientific research and evidence-based decision-making in environmental policy and management. He also highlights the role of individuals, communities, and governments in protecting the environment and ensuring a sustainable future.

Overall, Environmental Science by Dr. Shahid Wazir Khan is a valuable resource for anyone interested in environmental issues. It provides a comprehensive and accessible overview of the field and offers practical insights and solutions for individuals and organizations alike.

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