Subjective MCQS Criminology By Nasir Khan & Ammar Sattar Advanced Publishers

Title: Subjective MCQS Criminology
Author:  Nasir Khan & Ammar Sattar
Pages: 381
Publisher: Advanced Publishers
Subject: Criminology


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An Introduction to Criminology By Sami ul Hassan Rana (JWT)

Title: An Introduction to Criminology
Author: Sami Ul Hassan Rana (Advocate High Court)
Edition: 2016
Pages: 416
Publisher: Jahangir World Times
Subject: Criminology for CSS and Other Competitive Exams

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Criminology (Subjective/MCQs) – By M.Sohail Bhatti

Title: Criminology (Subjective/MCQs)
Edition: 2016
Author: M.Sohail Bhatti
Pages: 576
Publisher: Bhatti Sons Publisher
Subject: CSS Criminology

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